1. Please make room bookings at least 1 week in advance, any last minute bookings will not be entertained.

2. Rooms are for church related activities use only. Personal use of rooms is prohibited.

3. For cancellation, please kindly login to remove the booking if not in use.

4. Keep the place clean and tidy, turn off the lights and aircon before leaving the room.

5. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis, but do be charitable in sharing our church resources especially when scarce/limited.

6. Your booking is confirmed upon entering it in the system, except the Sanctuary/Chapel/MPH Hall which require prior approval from the office, the office will approve your booking.

7. No bookings are allowed on public holidays, major church events and retreats.

8. If booking is in doubt or unclear, the administrator will contact you, otherwise he/she have the right to cancel your booking. The administrator may also reallocate you to ensure efficient use of rooms.


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