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Children Care Services
Life Kindergarten (LK) (linked to LK page on website) started on 3 January 1960,is one of the oldest kindergartens in Singapore. Over the years, it has built up a reputation for quality children care and attracted students from the international community in Singapore. Learning and playing alongside Singaporean children are children from Japan, Korea, India, Myanmar as well as Europe and America. Children in LK enjoy rich cultural experiences.

Life Kindergarten (LK) Philosophy:
All children are natural learners.
Children learn best in a caring environment and when they have a positive relationship with both their peers and with adults.
Every child who is loved and well nurtured will grow up to have a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook in life, with well-established patterns of moral values and living.
Working closely with parents, while letting the children develop at their own pace, will help children achieve their full potential.

Life Kindergarten (LK) Goal:
To encourage the process of growth through active learning which utilizes the natural motivations, abilities and interests of children.
To provide developmentally-appropriate experiences for children in our care.
To provide nurturing for all areas of a child's development: social, emotional, cognitive, moral and physical.
To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their children's learning and development.
To serve the community and bless others through our services.

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