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Mission Work Based On "Word Become Flesh"

The Word becomes flesh incident reveals a God that faces the world. He is not high and above away from sin of humanity and pains, hiding at His painless heavenly realm. Instead He entered into the people who are poor, in prison, blinded and oppressed (Luke 4.18f). He dined with the sinners that the world despised; He touched the lepers who were considered unclean medically and religiously; He entered into our humanity to shoulder our sufferings and sins, He became one of us. It is no wonder that in 1978, on evangelism and culture, Yang Liu An reported that the Word to become flesh is an amazing cultural acknowledgement in the history of humanity. This acknowledgement is from a complete love.

Besides, Word becomes flesh also revealed that He is the incarnation of the Truth, with an absolute stand. He came into the sinful world, He loves the sinners but He never compromise with sin and still kept holly; He became a man of flesh and blood but meanwhile still maintained His godliness, He is still the God.

The Lord who becomes flesh about 2000 years ago is now commissioning us into the world, just as the Father sent Him into the world. (John 20:21) In other words, our mission ministry should model after the high standard mission work of Jesus Christ, that is, the Church's mission should model after the Word becoming flesh. Such mission model requires us to empathize with those we served, to share and teach the gospel in a humble manner, to love and care for those in sickness, to feed the hungry, to care for those imprisoned, help the poor and disabled, release the oppressed. Our mission should include concrete action to our society, to face their faith with them, while not lost our identity, never compromise Christian faith, value or standard. We believe the uniqueness of Christ and that the good news of Jesus Christ is needed by each and everyone in the world.

Last but not least, I hope that Mission Committee and Life Care Society will work closely so as to implement a model that is 'Word becomes flesh'. I prayed that the Holy Spirit to fill this Church so that in the life of every believer here will relive the spirit of Word becomes flesh not just the Church but every believer will leave a good work of the gospel

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