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The Mission and Purpose of the Family Ministry

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Foster Flourishing Marriages:

The ministry seeks to help married couples experience life-long flourishing marriages. This involves providing support, guidance, and resources to strengthen the marital bond, helping couples navigate the challenges and joys of married Life.

Promote Biblical Teachings and Values:

The ministry is dedicated to guiding families in living their lives according to Biblical teachings and values. This includes promoting and upholding the moral and ethical principles outlined in the Bible as a foundation for family Life.

Serve God's Families:

With a team of over 40 volunteers, the ministry is actively engaged in serving the needs of God's families. This involves practical assistance, counseling, and creating a supportive community where families can find encouragement and solidarity.

Be Witnesses to Christ:

The ultimate purpose is to be a living testimony to Christ, who is recognized as the author of love and life. The ministry aims to inspire Christian marriages and families to reflect the love, compassion, and grace exemplified by Christ, becoming a shining example within the broader church community.


In summary, the Christian Family Ministry endeavors to strengthen marriages, uphold Biblical values, serve the needs of families, and bear witness to the transformative power of Christ's love within the church community.

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