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Dear Brothers and Sisters, the SLC pastoral team came up with a list of websites where you can get your daily spiritual food for thought and reflection. Do use them to enrich your daily readings of God's word and to grow in Him during this period of time. Please disseminate this list to all your members. Thanks!
1. Monergism: Good Reformed Theology and article, bible study, sermons and free books.
2. GoodTV: This website is bilingual. It has worship songs, testimonies, sermons and Bible & theological classes.
3. Desiring God: Website by renowned pastor and theologian John Piper. It has thousands of good discipleship, theological articles, sermons, books, and podcasts
4. Grace To You: Website by famous US pastor John MacArthur. Very good Bible teacher. Lots of Bible study courses and materials, theological articles, books, videos and podcasts.
5. Crossway: Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry and exists solely for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through publishing and other means. Lots of good articles on discipleship, evangelism, missions etc.
6. US-based Christian website. It has a collection of thousands of biblically based articles, Bible studies, sermons, and various other trustworthy Bible study resources.

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