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Singapore Life Church has made arrangements with Spiritual Grace Presbyterian Church to provide special rates for booking of niches at Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden, a columbarium operated by the Church. This is a program offered through Life Care Society (LCS) only for communicant members of the church. The niches can be for communicant members or their next-of-kin.


Price and Lease :
Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden has a published price list for niches which have a lease of 50 years. The lease begins from the date of use, rather than the date of booking, unlike other columbarium in Singapore. Niches offered to Life Church members are on 30 years lease with a discount of 30% off the list price pro-rated to 30 years. Members wishing to top up the lease to 50 years may do so by making additional payment directly to Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden


Terms & Conditions of Use :
All terms and conditions of use follow those stipulated by Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden.

Booking :
Bookings can be made directly at the Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden


109 Sembawang Road Singapore 779105
Tel: 6459 5121 Fax: 6459 0205 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please bring along your baptism certificate from Singapore Life Church to make the booking at Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden. Payment for booking the niche under this scheme should be made to: Life Care Society. Top-up payment to 50 years and payment for other services should be made directly to Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden. All payments (including payment to LCS) can be handed to Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden at the time of booking


Disclaimer: This is a program undertaken by Singapore Life church to provide members with another choice of a columbarium in Singapore. The church does not endorse this columbarium over other columbaria in any way and does not benefit financially from this arrangement. The scheme provides substantial savings over the list price offered by Spiritual Grace Memorial Garden. Such savings are passed on to members of Singapore Life Church and their next-of-kin.


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