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What is Fellowship Cell Group (CG)?

CG is not merely one of the many activities in the church; it is not an organization designing activities to fill up the voids in our Christian lives.

CG is where one accepts the gospel, receives follow-up, be equipped to serve, spreads the gospel and lives in fellowship, thus building up one another. Through the CG, believers become a community; share joys and sorrows, and are committed to the mission as one body.

When CG meets, there will be time for worship and praise and time for Bible study. Strictly speaking, other meetings in the church can similarly fulfill these needs. The significance of CG then is integration. Therefore, CG leaders need not be outstanding Bible teachers or excellent counselors. The leader however has to be pastoral, like the spiritual parents of the group members, someone to watch over them, care for them, truly looking into their needs. This leader would guide them, equip them to be ready to serve and help them to grow in maturity as Disciples of Christ.

When there are many such leaders in Singapore Life Church i.e. leaders who are providing pastoral care with passion, shepherding them to serve and spread the gospel, then the revival of the church shall be at hand.

Why do we need Fellowship Cell Group?

CG in Fellowship provides members with quality pastoral care. While congregational churches understand the need of members, a CG church satisfies their needs to an even greater extent, and effectively lead and guide them to live a life that is pleasing to God.


Cell Group Leaders

Zone 1 Leader - Elder Terence Low & Deacon Francis Kua

Woodlands, Central & Neram CGs  >>>


Zone 2 Leader - Bro Sebastian Ong

Manna, Golden Age & Jireh CGs  >>>


Zone 3 Leader - Elderess Rosalind Tan

Pasir Ris, Sola & Phileo CGs  >>>


Zone 4 Leader - Rev Tang Khoon Hoe

Sojourners, Urbanites & Kairos CGs  >>>


Zone 5 Leader - Deacon Caleb Chng & Deacon Desmond Lim

Clay, Ignite, Amare & Fidem CGs








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