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By Sister Rosalind Tan, Telco Company Admin Staff

I was exposed to Christianity when in secondary school. There were Christian groups who held meetings every week after school. I went to a few of them and there’s where I heard about God.

I started reading the Bible out of curiosity. To me Jesus Christ sounded like a very fierce and unfair man, because He was forever scolding people. Later, I became more interested when I learnt that he can be my friend and I could go to heaven. All it took was for me to believe that he died for my sins, which sounded simple. It was unlike the ancestor-worship that was practised at home. Moreover, I liked going to the meetings because there was singing and everyone was friendly. Since I did not really believe in what my parents had been doing, the idea of a God dying just for me sounded good. So one day, I prayed on my own to accept Jesus Christ into my life.

I was the first in my family to become a Christian. When I told my parents, they were alright with it until I said I wanted to be baptised. They objected very strongly but when they saw that I did not ignore them nor spent too much time in church, they accepted it over time.

Jesus has become my friend in a very real sense. He is the one I go to whenever I faced any problems and the peace and joy he gives is very real. I have a hope for the future too.

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