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By Sister Xiao Huifen, Bank Admin Staff

At the age of 11, under the influence of my mother, I accepted the faith of Red Swastika (aka Japanese God) and started to chant the Japanese scripture with her. However, this faith did not change my bad temper. I still loved playing mahjong and did not think that I have any sin. I believed that as long as man did not kill another or steal or do bad things, he is a good person.

I was very repulsive towards Christianity and disliked it. I would often tell others that Jesus is a fake god. However, deep in my heart, there was a question that I could not answer it myself. That is, Where would you go after you die? It was until my husband introduced me to Jesus that I found the answer.

He brought me to the church. Through the speakers of the worship services, I understood what sin is. It was then that I acknowledged that I am a sinner and that I needed to be saved, and only through God's grace that I could be reconciled with Him. I started to believe that Jesus is God.

On the Good Friday of 1984, I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.

After accepting God, I no longer accompanied my mother to worship the Japanese God. I became less temperamental. Also, I quitted playing mahjong and no longer tell lies. I turn my eyes upon Christ, entrust my life in Him and cast my burden on Him.

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